Snétberger Music Talent Center
Snétberger is the initiator and artistic director of the Snétberger Music Talent Center.
In June 2011 the Centre opened with the first, twelve week-long training for 60 participants in Felsőörs (village in Western part of Hungary). Year by year 60 young pupils participate in the programme. Snétberger and the staff of the Centre visit disadvantaged areas to recruit talented children. The participants receive teaching and training courses (in the so-called camps), tailor-made personal mentoring, and peer assistance. Along with the formal courses the Centre also appoints personal mentors to each of the participants.  ( more : link to the center and youtube
Snetberger Center
“Music Saves You” – “Music uplifts“ 
Our mission is to establish a high-quality, nationally and internationally recognized model school in which socially disadvantaged Roma youngsters with musical talent are supported in launching their music careers through world-class training and mentoring. 
The Snétberger Music Talent Center is a modern musical institution established with the help of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the Hungarian government. Since 2011, every year 60 talented Sinti and Roma aged 12 to 20 are given the opportunity to expand their musical abilities. The youngsters are taught professionally by nationally recognised, outstanding teachers. These also include Ferenc Snétberger himself, the initiator of the project. After a tour through Central and Eastern Europe, Snétberger realized that especially the underprivileged youngsters of the Sinti and Roma communities should be given professional support in the field of music. He noticed that often very special talents are hidden among these young people. 
The Snétberger Music Talent Center builds upon the musical experiences the young musicians have already gathered within their families, and provides them with training through individual lessons, but also orchestral work, improvisational practice, jazz musical theory and history classes. This is complemented by classes in English, , Roma culture and history classes, as well as organising self-awareness, team- building and career-orientation training. 
The courses take place during the school holidays and are divided into six weeks in the summer, three weeks in the fall and three weeks in the spring. The final concerts take place at the Palace of Arts in Budapest or at the Liszt Academy in Budapest. 
Some of the young people supported by the Snétberger Music Talent Center are part of internationally renowned jazz formations giving concerts internationally. Others study their instrument at local music schools or music academies, such as the Franz Liszt Academy, and are expanding the knowledge previously gained. Every year, the students of the Snétberger Music Talent Center give numerous concerts, some of them at such events as the internationally renowned Sziget Festival, Jazz Showcase and others, in Berlin, Brussels, Oslo and Paris. 


Snétberger Music Talent Centre
H-8227 Felsőörs, Hóvirág u. 28.
Tel.: +36 87 799 004