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solo in concert 2015-12-26, 8 pm Passionskirche Berlin

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Snétberger Quartet

oct. 19 Philharmonie
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Snétberger /Lakatos live in Tokyo "Acoustic World "

(FTM-2009) [mehr]




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Ferenc Snétberger solo | Snétberger/Jormin/Baron |Quartet | Strings |with orchestra| NOMAD |

Ferenc Snétberger - solo

When he enters the stage he usually has a sheet of paper with him that shows one or two bars of music, some chord symbols and maybe a third bar behind. Nothing that anybody else could understand. Nothing that an untrained mind could consider a serious sketch. Yet for Snétberger these notes mean the structure of his music. He knows exactly which keys he will take his melody to and has defined all the turning points. Everything he plays is improvised but everything is aiming at a goal. [more]

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Snétberger Quartet

photo © zeneakademia/tuba zoltan

Ferenc Snétberger guitar
Anders Jormin db Bass
Joey Baron drums

more photo © Seres

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Ferenc Snétberger Quartet

Snétberger Quartet

Snétberger Quartet

Ferenc Snétberger guitar
Tzumo piano
József Barcza Horváth db Bass
Toni Snétberger drums

Snétberger gründete in der Nähe des Balatons in Ungarn eine internationale Musikschule für sozialbenachteiligte Kinder und Jugendliche, überwiegend der Minderheit der Sinti und Roma angehörig, die 2011 eröffnet wurde und bekam so auch Einblick in junge kreative Musikergenerationen seines Heimatlandes. Zum neuen Quartett gehören Musiker dieser jungen Szene, in verschiedenen musikalischen Stilen zuhause sind, klassisch ausgebildet, mit traditionellem Background wie er selber. Ihre Musik verbindet exquisite Kompositionen, virtuose Spieltechnik, sensibles Musikantentum und innovative Fantasie auf höchstem Niveau. [mehr]

Quartet_Bihari:Agnes>>>download press photo © by Agnes Bihari

concerts 2015

july 17 (H), Magyarföld, Fatemplon
july 24 (D) Lüneburg, Kulturforum
july. 25 (D) Rheinsberg, Brandenburische Sommerkonzerte Lauentiuskirche
aug. 08 (H) Fertöd- Eszterháza, Castle, open air, with guests Michel Godard tuba , serpent & Tony Lakatos, sax, map

july 31 (H) Kapolcs, Kulturforum

nov 08 (H) Gödöllö, Castle

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Ferenc Snétberger with Nádor Quartet & József Horváth

His latest exciting project is a collaboration with the Nádor String Quartet and József Barcza Horváth. The quartet has been playing together for the last six years and is a regular guest at international competitions and festivals and their repertoire extends from Viennese classics to Hungarian contemporary composers. This fusion of Snétberger with his improvisation, the string quartet with its mastery of classical music as well as one of the finest jazz double bass players of the Hungarian younger generation, József Barcza Horváth (who has played with the Festival Orchestra as well as many world famous jazz musicians) promises to again knock down barriers, but with the musical subtlety we have come to expect from Ferenc Snétberger.[more]

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FERENC SNÉTBERGER - as a soloist with orchestra

video: with orchestra >>>rhapsody romanes no1

Repertoire (u.a.):

Rhapsody Romanes No1, parlando romanes,antante

Rhapsody Romanes No1, oriental romanes,allegro

Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "In memory of my People" composed by Ferenc Snétberger

  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "The Mediterranean" composed by John McLaughlin
  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra D-Dur RV 93 composed by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "" CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ" composed by Rodrigo
  • new: Concerto for Guitar,Percussion and Orchestra - composition by Snétberger (in progress)

Booking: booking@snetberger.de

Booking this project (for Italy):
Luisa Panarello, RESIA s.r.l. Via Manzoni, 31
20121 - Milano, Italy; Tel: +39-02654161, Fax: +39-02659785

Duo Stockhausen/ Snétberger

The music of this Duo is marked by each member's influence on the others. Snétberger's technique on the strings is phenomenal. Markus Stockhausen is different: On his instruments he always looks for the unusual (without penetrating the experimental fields of noise). So two totally different musicians came to an artistic consense. It is just the discrepancy between both of them that makes this combination interesting...

Booking: booking@snetberger.de

>>>Download press photo

Duo Stockhausen/ Snétberger mit Kammerorchester:
Auf dem Programm stehen ein Werk von Ferenc Snétberger "For my people" für Gitarre und Streichorchester, dann ein neues Werk von Markus Stockhausen für Flügelhorn, Piccolotrompete und Streichorchester... [more]

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Ferenc Snétberger Trio NOMAD

Three masters of their art have joined to form the new Ferenc Snétberger Trio. With natural ease they bring together choice compositions, technical highlights, improvisational drive and musical fantasy of the highest order. A live concert of this trio is an unforgettable experience. [more]

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Ferenc Snétberger - guitar
Arild Andersen - double-bass
Paolo Vinaccia - drums, perc.

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