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Ferenc Snétberger solo
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Solo Gitarre 26.12.15, 20 Uhr Passionskirche Berlin

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2010 december 26 - Berlin, Passionskirche, 8 pm

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Born in 1957 in northern Hungary, guitarist/composer Ferenc Snétberger was the youngest son of a family of musicians. Early on his father, a guitar player also, became his role model. Snétberger studied classical music and jazz guitar. Today he is best known for his art of improvising and his crossing of stylistic borders. His music is inspired by the Roma tradition of his home country, Brazilian music and flamenco as well as classical guitar playing and jazz. He made numerous albums as a leader, co-leader and sideman and has toured all over Europe as well as Japan, Korea, India and the United States.

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Ferenc Snétberger usually walks on stage with a piece of paper on which are scribbled a couple of bars of melody and a few chords. That is all he needs for a solo concert. Others may understand the signs but only he can construct a clear improvised concert around them. He is currently the best known Hungarian-Roma jazz and world musician in the world, gliding between jazz, Brazilian music, classical and Roma. But one of the defining characteristics of his guitar playing is improvisation. Besides his intimate solo concerts, he is also at home in duos and larger bands where he appears no less unique. He has teamed up with Bobby McFerrin and Markus Stockhausen, played with Tunisian lute artist Dhafer Youssef and has his own Trio Nomad with Norwegian Arild Andersen on bass and Paolo Vinaccia on percussion. He has even experimented in large orchestral set ups, for example in his work “To the Memory of My People.” His latest exciting project is a collaboration with the Nádor String Quartet and József Barcza Horváth.

"...gehört zu den herausragenden Gitarristen unserer Tage - einer, der selbst mit ruhigen Tönen Intesität und Leidenschaft vermitteln kann" Cadence

"...Snétberger brought a real sense of celebration, as well as a deep reference to his Romany culture" Harald Glasgow

"...Ein Abend der fragilen akustischen Momente, deren Zauber sich vorsichtig, aber nachhaltig entfaltet" Sueddeutsche zeitung

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