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Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra & students

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Snétberger Quartet

oct. 19 Philharmonie
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Snétberger /Lakatos live in Tokyo "Acoustic World "

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Snétberger live in Veszprém solo/duo/trio (DVD 2007)

Veszprémer Summer Festival 2004,
solo, Duo with Bobby McFerrin u. Trio NOMAD (2005)

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Snétberger/Stockhausen - "Streams"
Ferenc Snétberger (guitar)
Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Enja ENJ-9511 2
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Snétberger/Andersen/Vinaccia - "Nomad"
Ferenc Snétberger (Gitarre)
Arild Andersen (Kontrabass)
Paolo Venaccia (Percussion)
Enja ENJ-9485 2
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Snétberger/Stockhausen/Andersen/Héral - "Joyosa"
Markus Stockhausen (Trompete)
Ferenc Snétberger (Gitarre)
Arild Andersen (Kontrabass)
Patrice Héral (Percussion)
Enja ENJ-9468 2
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Ferenc Snétberger - "Balance" (ENJA)
Ferenc Snétberger - solo guitar
Recorded live on Oct. 12, 2001 at the
Kammermusiksaal (Philharmonie Berlin)
Mastered by Walter Quintus
Produced by Angela Snétberger
Enja ENJ-9432 2
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Ferenc Snétberger - "For My People" (ENJA)
Ferenc Snétberger - acoustic guitar
Markus Stockhausen - trumpet , flügelhorn
The Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
Produced by Angela Snétberger and Olaf Jacobs
ENJA CD 9387-2
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Ferenc Snétberger - "Signature" (ENJA)
Ferenc Snétberger (g)
Martin Gjakonovski (b)
Kruno Levacic (dr)
special guest: David Friedman (vib)
Enja ENJ-9017 2
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Ferenc Snétberger - "Obsession" (ENJA/TIPTOE)
Ferenc Snétberger - ac. & el. guitars
János Egri - bass
Elemér Balázs - drums
Guest: Irén Lovász - vocal on "Páva"
TIP-888 834 2
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Ferenc Snétberger - "Budapest Concert" (ENJA/TIPTOE)
Ferenc Snétberger - acoustic guitar
rec. Nov. 1995
TIP-888 823 2
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Bajo Tambo (SNT, 1992)

Samboa (SNT, 1990)

with "Trio Stendhal":
László Dés, Kornél Horváth, Ferenc Snetberger

Trio Stendhal - "1" (Hungaroton, 1989)

Trio Stendhal - "Earthsound" (SNT, 1991)

Trio Stendhal - "Something Happened" (SNT, 1992)

Dés-Snétberger Duo:
László Dés, Ferenc Snetberger

"Double Invention" (tom-tom records, 2003)

as a Sideman:

DUSKO GOYKOVICH - "Samba Do Mar" (Enja, 2003)
Dusko Goykovich (tp, flhn),
Ferenc Snétberger (acc. g),
Martin Gjakonovski (b,)
Jarrod Cagwin (dr)
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